I’m a back-end developer from Republic of of of Moldova. My job isn’t to make things pretty. My job is to make incredibly powerful, secure, and efficient apps.


  • All things Back-End
    • Java, Tapestry, Spring Boot, Spring MVC frameworks, Oracle SQL, maven
    • PHP and MySQL developer, Laravel and Wordpress frameworks, composer
  • All things Front-End
    • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, JS, jQuery
  • DevOps
    • Jenkins, Git webhooks
  • SysAdmin
    • Installation, configuration of production system of Linux (Debian, RedHat), BSD systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD) and MikroTik hardware
    • Advanced network configuration, architecture and design of wired/wireless networks
    • Experience in configuring and optimizing Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, DHCP, DNS, SMTP etc.
    • Versioning Control Systems git, SVN
  • IoT developer on Arduino, STM32 and Raspberry Pi boards. Google Home custom voice applications, smart home


For more info or spam email me at arvat@outlook.com

Download CV

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I study at the moment

  • LiquiBase, Docker, Kubernetes, HashiCorp Vault, OAuth 2, Node-RED